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April 10, 2020

Special Episode: Ask A Muslim! (Part One!)

Special Episode: Ask A Muslim! (Part One!)

I had all my friends gather around the Facebook campfire and ask me all sorts of questions! In this two part special segment I call, "Ask a Muslim!", I'll attempt to answer as best as I can.

**DISCLAIMER** I'm NOT a Islamic authority on ANYTHING (I know it's sad '-_-), so most of my answers are based on my opinions and experiences, interspersed with whatever knowledge I have of Islam.

Although, question number 5 in this episode forced me to dig deep to into Islamic articles to find a more educated answer than the one I would have been able to provide. My friend Maria had asked how I felt about the verses of the Quran that spoke about causing harm to non-believers. I gave my opinion in the episode, but below is the link to my reference page in my newly created website (still under construction) for my podcast:


The screenshots in this link, and the Yaqeen Institute article they are taken from (also linked in this page, but it is rather long), clearly define the premise of the verses that Maria was asking about.

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