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Oct. 22, 2021

The Whole Muslim with Aaliya Jaleel: Drawing Representation

The Whole Muslim with Aaliya Jaleel: Drawing Representation

This week I talk to the young, Muslim illustrator Aaliya Jaleel and how she took her talent of visual story-telling and used it to increase POC and Muslim representation in books and popular media!

Some of Aaliya's hallmark work includes working for the Disney Junior show "Mira, Royal Detective" and illustrating books with Muslim and POC protagonists such as, "This Is Why We Pray", "The Ramadan Gift", "Muslim Girls Rise" and "Under My Hijab", and more!

You can see Aaliya's work on her website at: https://www.aaliyamj.com/
And you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram with the handle @aaliyamj

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