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I'm A Muslim (And That's Okay!)

End of the Year Roundup!

The end of 2022!!! How did that happen?? I mean, it started off with my 2 year, 50 episodes celebration giveaway. But the rest of the year...it's been a tricky, y'all, lots of things happened for me and for America. Some good, some not so good and I do a roundup of all that the year brought for me in terms of experiences and new episodes! I got to interview some amazing guests and you can check out all my previous episodes on your favorite platform through my linktree: https://linktr.ee/iamatopodcast

I had some episodes that were especially impactful for me that I mention in this episode and you can find them in the following links:

-The Muslim Perspective: https://youtu.be/7UD43DkuBQA

-Gift of the Gab!: Talking About Combating Sexual Assault Towards Children with Shariea Shoatz: https://www.imamuslimpodcast.com/podcast/episode/79aa03c8/gift-of-the-gab-talking-about-combating-sexual-assault-towards-children-with-shariea-shoatz

-The Whole Muslim with Dr. Sameena Zahoor: Fostering Change: https://www.imamuslimpodcast.com/podcast/episode/7b5a875c/the-whole-muslim-with-dr-sameena-zahoor-fostering-change

-Gift of the Gab!: Examining the Foster Care System from the Inside with Nahela Morales: https://www.imamuslimpodcast.com/podcast/episode/7d9d6a42/gift-of-the-gab-examining-the-foster-care-system-from-the-inside-with-nahela-morales

-The Whole Muslim: Re-Writing Perspectives with Leah V. : https://www.imamuslimpodcast.com/podcast/episode/7cdfb525/the-whole-muslim-re-writing-perspectives-with-leah-v

Thank you again for being with me through my podcasting journey. I'll be taking January off, but I'll be back with a new season in February of 2023! See you then!!

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