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May 5, 2023

Gift of the Gab: Discussing the Importance of Minorities Being Bone Marrow Donors

Gift of the Gab: Discussing the Importance of Minorities Being Bone Marrow Donors
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I welcome my guest, Saira Sufi, to take a deep dive into the discussion of how one of her twin son's diagnoses of a rare bone marrow disorder, Aplastic Anemia led her and her remaining son to become staunch advocates for bone marrow donations. 
Recruiting bone marrow donors of racial minorities is important, because finding bone marrow matches for minorities and mixed race individuals is especially hard. 
This is why Saira works hard to raise awareness and to recruit as many people to be bone marrow donors as possible.
This episode is a testament to the fortitude of a family in memory of a very special young boy.

To find out more about being a bone marrow donor please visit the following website and consider being a donor yourself. It is a chance to truly change someone's life!




You can also watch this episode on my YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/xgImkpUhWJg

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