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Dec. 31, 2021

Solo Episode: Bye 2021! (Year End Rant!)

Solo Episode: Bye 2021! (Year End Rant!)

The last episode of the year! Another year with the pandemic (albeit we did get the vaccine) and it still seems like people have learned very little from it! And, dangit, I'm mad as heck! And I will be ranting about it!

But apart from my rant, I also need your help. I will be taking a short break in January, but I will be back in February 2022 with a giveaway! That's right! It's been almost two years since I started my podcast and I want to celebrate that! Although, I'm not sure what should I giveaway. So, if you have suggestions send me those at: shehla.faizi01@gmail.com

Also, I'll be doing my "Ask A Muslim" segment next year too, so send me questions for those too!

If you prefer watching my solo episodes (closed captioning available) you can do so on my YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/KwrZnG_S4Qw 

Happy New Year to everyone, and stay safe y'all. 

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